The Best Ways to Raise TN Awareness

Looking for great ways to raise awareness (and, therefore, money) for trigeminal neuralgia? Light up your teal lights?

Nope. Not tea lights… Source:
TEAL lights…. as in the color.

‘Cuz if pink worked wonders for breast cancer… why can’t teal do the same for facial pain disorders?

That’s why The Facial Pain Research Foundation created the 2016 Light Up Teal for TN campaign.

What is TN?

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is sometimes called tic douloureux (roughly pronounced tick del-a-roo in US English). It is a disorder that causes severe, stabbing pain on one side of your face (“douloureux” means “painful” in French).

The Big Day was October 7!

All across the world, people wore teal as they participated in awareness and fundraising events. One woman in Canada is in a motorcycle club, and they rode for the cause.

Want to contribute? Check out the Facial Pain Research Foundation.



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