No One Should Have to Choose Between School and Sickle Cell Anemia

Nikeh Gray has sickle cell anemia and has been in and out of the hospitals for years.

Not only is she constantly managing her disease, as the Guardian reports, but also all while balancing life and school. She has learned how to manage her time and knows that sickle cell anemia will always play a role in her life. A teenager should not have to choose between school and health, but she has, and promises that the latter will always come first.

Still, she will not let sickle cell anemia control her life, even despite the frequent, chronic pain. She describes it as hammering, throbbing, and pulsating. But instead of focusing on it, she uses her energy to promote awareness of her disease.

Today, Nikeh is a sickle cell ambassador and talks to others about her experience, sharing how she has focused on other aspects of life, like public speaking. There’s no doubt that she’s inspiring people her age nationwide!

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