Wilson Disease: Don’t Judge Me Because I Look Drunk

Alicia Goss is a college student, and for a long time she didn’t know she had a rare condition called Wilson disease. She just wanted to go out and have some fun.

She was refused entry into clubs. They denied her because of her slurred speech and because she looked intoxicated. She was not able to walk straight, either.

Alicia was not sure what caused those symptoms. Initially, her doctors thought her shaking occurred because of nerves. Also, she had pain in her knees and joints.

Finally, she was diagnosed with Wilson disease.

This causes a toxic accumulation of copper in the body. If it is left untreated, it can be deadly. Wilson disease is a genetic disorder. Tests confirmed both her parents have gene mutation that causes the disease. Her sister also has the gene, but she’s only has one copy of it and so is a carrier; she won’t share Alicia’s symptoms. If Wilson disease is diagnosed early, it can be treated.

She has been on medicine since January of 2016 to keep her symptoms under control. Alicia is doing well on the medicine, but experiences some fatigue. She still goes out, but now has a different kind of ID card: one that explains her medical condition. Also, she keeps a website saved on her phone so bouncers and bartenders understand that she is not drinking.

Click here to read more about her story.

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