Upcoming IDF Session on CGD!

A special session on CGD will be presented at the 2017 IDF National conference.

CGD is a primary immunodeficieny disease and is characterized by skin infections, both fungal and bacterial, as well as other infections, and the formation of granulomatas in the lymph nodes, GI tract, lung, liver etc.

Almost 80% of people who have CGD are male because it is usually due to mutation in an x-linked chromosome. However, there are some types that are caused by mutations in an autosomal gene (a gene that is not linked not a sex chromosome), and this type affects males and females.

CGD is still being studied, but there is information that we do know. This special seminar will include presentations on:

  • Preventing Infections
  • Managing Bowel Disease & CGD
  • Treatment Options for CGD
    – Antibiotics
    – Antifungal Medication
    – Interferon Gamma
    – Bone Marrow Transplant
    – Gene Therapy
  • The Future of CGD
  • USIDNET CGD Survey Results
  • CGD Life Stages Panel

If you or a loved one is living with CGD, consider attending this conference. Early registration closes in just a few days!

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