Seeker Health: Harnessing Social Media to Improve Patient Outcomes


Clinical trial facilitators waste so much time that could be spent on research, trying to find patients to participate in their studies. We all know time is valuable, especially in the medical field. The sooner a treatment is discovered, the more people are able to utilize it and, as a result, improve their quality of life. While not every clinical trial will result in an outstanding discovery, it’s impossible to know what innovations could be successful without conducting one.

Seeker Health aims to reduce the time it takes for researchers to find patients to participate in their trials, while simultaneously helping patients find the studies they want to join.

Miraculously, it’s primarily done through social media.

You see, we almost unknowingly have become more responsive to our social media accounts than our email inboxes and voicemails. We know how to navigate the sites more easily than other platforms, and we spend a great deal of our free time surfing our favorite profiles. It’s even become a resource for us to connect with others affected by our disease and discover information about new research advances.

By advertising clinical trials, patient registries, market research, and newly approved treatments/devices on social media, researchers can locate patients faster. Seeker Health partners with biopharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, and clinical study sites to help bring together the two most essential components of clinical trials- patient and researcher.

Not only do they facilitate these important relationships, they help accelerate the speed in which research can be conducted. They pre-screen patients for entry, pair them with the clinical trial site nearest them and give both patient and site the information they need to contact each other. Seeker Health even conducts their own online, phone, and in-person patient and physician market research utilizing their market research portal. Currently, they’re looking for patients with post-burn itch or prurigo nodularis and itch for market research studies.

Additionally, Seeker is an educational resource. Unsure of what a clinical trial even involves? Check out their informational video below or click here:

Seeker Health provides patients information about their specific disease, common medicines used to treat their disease, and current investigations involving their disease. They also educate biotech companies by helping them decide, based on where their patient population is located, the most effective places to hold future clinical trials. Additionally, they collaborate with patient advocacy groups to help support awareness campaigns for a variety of the rare diseases they work with.

Ultimately, all research is conducted with the patient in mind, and patients are a necessary part of any study’s success. Seeker Health helps keep us in the loop and central to the process.




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