This Drug is Armed and Ready to Fight Pediatric Brain Tumors

The week before last, innovative biopharmaceutical company DelMar, presented data at the Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Basic and Translational Research Conference from a clinical research with VAL-083 in chemo-resistant glioblastoma patients.

Glioblastoma is a rare type of highly malignant cancer, and currently, there is a lack of sufficient and effective standard-of-care for pediatric patients because the only approved therapy (temozolomide) is ineffective for pediatric brain tumors.

To learn more about glioblastoma, click here.

VAL-083, on the other hand, is unaffected by the same mechanisms that temozolomide is, so it still maintains its functionality against this drastic cancer.

In fact, in vitro, VAL-083 was shown to cause both a powerful and an irreversible blockage of the cancer cells, which could possibly lead to cancer cell death.

VAL-083 (dianhydrogalactitol) works by targeting DNA to break strands and lead to cancer cell death, in layman’s terms. Currently, VAL-083 has only been granted an orphan drug designation by the U.S. FDA, but the drug is currently undergoing Phase 3 STAR studies, in which 180 patients will be tested.

CEO of DelMar, Jeffrey Bacha said,

“We are conscious of the difference VAL-083 could make in the lives of patients and their families, and we are driven by the determination of improving patient outcomes.”

To learn more about the STAR studies and VAL-083, click here!

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