This Tiny Molecule is Making Huge Waves in the Hemophilia Community

It’s hard to believe it’s already been about a month since the hemophilia A community received this exciting news!

In case you missed it, there’s a new drug that got FDA approval to begin clinical trials, and it has the potential to completely change the hemophilia A landscape forever.

You see, this tiny little molecule might have such a long half-life that people with hemophilia A would only need to infuse once a week.

Yep, you read that right. Once. A. Week.

Crazy, right? Source: giphy
For a long time, it felt like more attention was being paid to hemophilia B. But now, hemophilia A has its chance to be in the spotlight—one one condition. We have to wait… a long time.

Right now, the FDA only approved the beginning of these trials.

Unless you’re in the know like all of us here, you won’t hear anything about this treatment development until at least phase III.

These trials will focus on this little molecule going by the name of BIVV001. And that’s just its nickname. It’s full name? rFVIIIFc-VWF-XTEN. You can see why people stick with BIVV001…

And who’s the man behind the curtain? The genius behind the mask? Biogen’s spin-off company, Bioverativ, strictly dedicated to the hemophilia community. Now that’s dedication. So it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to learn about such incredible discoveries being made. I mean, come on! Once a week infusions? Think of all the extra free time!

So much more time for activities! Source: giphy

You could:

  • Sleep in
  • Actually start the book you’ve been meaning to open
  • Play another game of FIFA
  • Meditate
  • Sleep in some more

So, give us your ideas. What would YOU do with that extra time?

Do you have a hemophilia story of your own? Tell us about it here.
Farrah Fontaine

Farrah Fontaine

As a child, Farrah Fontaine always knew she wasn't normal. Part of her family descends from the ancient Silk Road, which made her stand out in the Great White North. That's why she wants to give voice to the voiceless so they know they're not alone.

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