What the What?! A Preteen’s Sudden Onset of Transverse Myelitis (TM)

One night in March 2016,13-year-old Treyvon Summers experienced extreme pain that woke him up out his sleep.

This was the start of him losing his mobility in both his legs. Next, something began to affect his lungs. Before anyone knew what was happening, he was paralyzed from the neck down. Treyvon went to the doctor and they initially thought he had anxiety but that was not the case.

The teenager actually has a rare disease called transverse myelitis (TD).

Moreover, Treyvon and his family are not sure how he may have contracted the disease. About a third of people with transverse myelitis fully recover, a third partially recover and a third do not recover.

Treyvon’s mother Maranda Summer, stated that it took four weeks for him to move again.

At that time, one of his arm muscles twitched… and then he moved a few more muscles. Additionally, his breathing was back to normal. Soon, he spent 12 weeks at an inpatient rehabilitation facility where he was able to regain his some of his upper body strength! Maranda believes it is a miracle that his cognitive ability was not affected.

Maranda is hopeful that her son will fully recover and will be able to walk again one day.

We at Patient Worthy are glad this tale is heading in a hopeful direction and hope Treyvon makes a complete recovery.

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