Check Out This Competition for Rare Artists

Painters, photographers, sculptors, and visual artists that defy categorization, take note!

The EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases’ Rare Artist Contest is back, for the ninth year in a row. The contest is open to all artists in the rare disease community, whether the disease affects you directly or someone you love. The deadline is before midnight on December 7th, 2017.

Selected artwork be shown Rare Artist Reception, which is coordinated with RDLA’s Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill, and artists in the U.S. can apply for travel stipends to attend the event. It doesn’t end there. The EveryLife Foundation is offering cash prizes two the top two entries in each category, totaling up to $3,000.

There are four submission categories. The children category is open to artists age 4-11, and offers $100 prizes. Teenagers 12-18 years old are eligible for the $250 prize. The adult category is split into categories: general adult, and photography. Both of these sections offer $500 to the the top two entries.

Are you interested in entering? Here’s what you should do.

First, choose your best work. The contest only allows one entry per artist, so make sure you submit work you love.

Next, write your artist statement. This step is not optional! Each entry need to be accompanied by a form with the name and age of the artist, and which rare disease has impacted their life. You also need a brief note that explains a little bit about the piece. What inspired your artwork? Who is it about? What does it mean to you? Tell the viewer what you can in under 500 characters.

After that, document the work. A scanner works, and so does a good photograph. To improve your chances, make sure the image is well-lit and not too grainy. You can find tips for effective documentation here.

Once it’s documented, upload a high quality (at least 300 dpi) file, and send your work in on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook, you can email the curator, Grant Kerber, at for other options!

Once all the entries are in on December 7th, 2017, the staff will post the entries on Facebook.
The public can vote until December 21st, 2017. Make sure your friends, family, and community know that they should check out your work, as well as the work of other rare artists! Facebook votes determine one winner in each category. There will also be a panel of judges from the rare disease community. Keep an eye out for results on February 5th, 2018.

Entries are already rolling in, so now is the time to start creating! To learn more about the contest and to get inspired by previous years’ winners, check out the Facebook here, or the website here.


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