Woman Predicted Her Cancerous Future Via Dreams

Abi Galatia suffers from stage three osteosarcoma, a very rare and very deadly form of bone cancer. The weird part is, she dreamed that she would get the disease for several years prior.

According to the Daily Mail, the 30-year-old photographer from Bristol had been having re-occurring nightmares about cancer since she was 12. Her friends called her “mental,” blaming her artistic and imaginative mind for conjuring such vivid nightmares. Abi remained certain that the dream would come true, considering her mother had passed away from cancer as well.

The weirdness continued…

Abi found herself in a chance encounter with a stranger in a strange land who apparently was also having premonitions about Abi. She was in Capetown, South Africa working for a sex-trafficking charity and it was here where one of the charity victims told Abi she had experienced a premonition about her death. The victim claimed she had three dreams about her.

Shortly after speaking to this supposed psychic, Abi had another chance encounter with a dog that would act as a catalyst for the coming tragedy.

“I had a sense that her dog was gonna go for me,” she said. “As I shut the gate it went to bite me and I pulled my hand back through the gate very gently, but because I had this tumor it completely snapped my arm.”

The dog bite caused an unusual pain, which led to Abi’s hospital visit, where she had a scan and found the tumor. The doctor began asking a number of cancer-related questions and that is when the fear and realization began to settle in.

The diagnosis was in: Osteosarcoma.

The massive tumor stretched from her shoulder to her elbow and she had had it there for six months without knowing it. Abi thought she would be more shocked but she knew this was coming. The dreams weren’t just dreams.

The chemotherapy lasted a year and because the disease was so rare, they had to undergo experimental surgery in the spot where the tumor was pulled out. They equipped her joints with stainless steel. Muscles from her back, leg, and pec were all transferred over to recreate her arm.

“When you get it, it spreads like wildfire and it’s pretty horrendous but it was amazing that the dog attacked me and the girl had those dreams otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here to be honest,” Abi said.

After being in remission for two years, she is grateful for the course of events that led to her revelation and how fate played itself out. As a photographer, she uses her art as a creative outlet.

The friends who doubted her dreams now understand in the power of prediction and have thus put on a fundraiser and raised enough money to buy her a hardcore camera, Macbook and editing software.

Abi is taking a lot of photos and appearing on Channel 4’s “First Dates.” Life goes on and moving forward, Abi will listen intently to her dreams.
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