Family of 27-year-old Inmate with Osler-Weber-Rendu Disease Sues Correctional Facility in Florida for Wrongful Death

Reported by The Washington Post, six years ago Randall Jordan-Aparo was found dead after being sprayed down with a debilitating chemical when wrongfully placed into an isolation cell. According to FDC records Jordan-Aparo suffered from Osler-Weber-Rendu, also known as hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, a rare disease that can lead to abnormal formations in blood vessels and bleeding problems. This can cause spiked heart rate, fever, and intense bodily pain. To learn more about this rare condition, click here.

His daughter, who is now 12-years-old, and her mother decided to press charges and fight for Randall.

Randall was sentenced to 20 months of prison for pleading guilty to credit card fraud. While imprisoned he felt strong symptoms sparked from his disability, but wasn’t receiving the treatment he needed. The first time he sought medical attention, he received advice to take Tylenol, drink more water, and sleep. This was on September 15th, 2010. At the time his fever had skyrocketed and he was clearly in enormous amount of pain, yet they didn’t take the correct precautions. A couple days later he went back to the infirmary for a side pain so sharp he could not even give a sample of his urine. Randall stated it was, “a medical emergency.” Yet, once again, he was denied the attention he deserved.

Later that evening, Randall felt so ill that he pleaded for aid, but the workers sent him into isolation instead for “threatening” a nurse. They sprayed him with gas akin chemicals and denied his screams for help. Hours later he was found dead, in a position in the room that appeared he was indeed gasping for air.

No matter the person, a free man or inmate, they should never be denied medical attention for pain, especially if they have a documented disability. It is upsetting to see a young man’s life taken for absolutely no legitimate reason. If he were here today he could have served his time, changed his way and be a present father to his little girl. Instead, his little girl will never know what that could have been like.

A federal judge denied the Florida Department of Corrections request to dissolve the lawsuit. He additionally ruled in favor of providing Randall medical treatment, as it violated his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

While no rulings can ever undo the terrible death of Randall, hopefully it can provide support and closure to his family who desperately needs it.

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