Top Googled Health Question in UK for 2017: What is Cancer?

According to Google experts, the top health related questioned in the UK in 2017 is, “what is cancer?

With rates of cancer spewing out of control these days, affecting 1 in 2 in the United Kingdom, everyone at some point is affected by the disease, reports BioPortfolio.

The internet has endless information, sometimes it can be overwhelming, and often times it presents information that might cause one some major paranoia. It’s reported that roughly 26 million results appear when googling the question… where does one begin? Rather than send you on a goose chase, we are here to better answer the question so we all can be better informed.

Thankfully, organizations like Cancer Research UK is one of the top websites listed upon the search and it provides invaluable information. They present readers with data from research, trials and studies bringing truth forward. There needs to be more reputable websites like this one, especially when it’s informing the public on health related information. Accuracy is crucial. So back to the question, what is cancer?

Cancer is reflective of hundreds of different diseases, and while they may be so many different ones they all have the same fundamental characteristics.

Cancer is known to be described as having out of controls cells that continue to grow, overcrowding the tissue. It’s often reported that cancer is caused by faulty DNA. While these similarities exist, many times individuals have their own set of challenges with their cancer making it extremely difficult to anticipate for and treat. While these challenges exist, research has provided so many with relief over the years. Some cancers now can be treated through chemotherapy while others can be completely cured.

Testicular cancer for example can be mostly cured, saving about 98% of those diagnosed.

While we can attempt to define cancer in a few sort sentences, researchers know they are facing a beast and they are knowledgeable of what it can do, but they will never stop working towards a cure for all.

Organizations link Cancer Research UK continue to fight and seek answers to help as many individuals affected as they can.

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