New Bathroom Changes The Game For Family Fighting Rare Disease and Cancer

Margarita Matias could not believe her eyes when she walked into the newly renovated bathroom. Her old bathroom was far from ideal, and often leaked. The new arrangement is optimized for accessibility, which is essential for the family’s needs. Her son, Ricky, suffers from testicular cancer and also has cerebral palsy. Her husband Jessie had kidney cancer in 2011. Unfortunately, Margarita herself has stage four ovarian cancer. Read the original article on
Needless to say, the situation for the family has been dire. As of now, Margarita is her son’s primary caregiver. Cerebral palsy limits her son’s physical capabilities, and often affects the patient’s ability to hear, see, touch, and speak. Patients often have weak, stiffened muscles and suffer from poor coordination. If you would like the learn more about cerebral palsy, click here.

Ricky’s physical limitation means that Margarita must bathe her son, as he is incapable of doing it himself. Unfortunately, the design of the old tub meant that she had to lift him into it. While this would be a challenge for most healthy women her age, her battle with cancer made this an even more daunting task.

The new bathroom design will make things much simpler for Margarita and her son. The project was completed by Austin Facility Services. Margarita’s family is part of Statesman Season for Caring, a charity program that helps facilitate aid to families in need by working with local non-profit organizations.

As the project began, it was clear that renovation was a need regardless of the circumstance. The plumbing was not properly connected, and the wood in the wall was rotting badly. All of the new appliances and equipment for the project were donated.

The new shower is walk-in style and has plenty of hand holds and grab bars that will make things easier for Ricky. The detachable shower head will also allow Margarita greater flexibility for washing her son.

Ernest Duran of Austin Facility Services directed the renovation project. After having dealt with some health challenges himself, Duran understood the challenging situation for the family. He hopes to do more work at the house, and plans to replace the family’s broken heater and remodel and kitchen and replace its appliances.


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