Jordin Sparks’ Step-Sister Loses Battle to Sickle Cell Anemia

On January 30th, pop singer Jordin Sparks’ step-sister Bryanna Jackson-Frias lost her battle with sickle cell anemia, reported People. Complications surfaced that sent her to the ICU. Jordin posted to Instagram asking for positive thoughts and prayers as she fought. Sadly, it would not be a battle her sister would win.

Sickle cell anemia is a disease that disrupts the flow of blood and oxygen due to the accumulation of red blood cells attaching to the vessel walls. Lack of oxygen can be extremely damaging to the body, causing pain and potential organ failure. Due to undisclosed complications, Bryanna wouldn’t be able to bounce back after hospitalization.

The 2007 American Idol winner received the devastating news just after releasing to the public that recently she got married to Dana Isaiah, a 25-year-old model, and is now pregnant. Their baby son is expected to arrive this spring.

Last Monday, Sparks and her family honored Bryanna’s life with a beautiful, small ceremony. Jordin’s mother Jodi Jackson, shared that Bryanna is probably still smiling above them even if she went to heaven too soon. She thanks everyone for their prayers and support.

Sparks took to Instagram this week a very emotional post revealing that she not only lost her step-sister this week, but also many others. She shared that losing her “four angels” has been incredibly heavy. All the losses happened within a week.

Jordin reminded her followers that no day is promised. She encouraged all to never miss an opportunity to tell the ones you care about that you love and appreciate them. Jordin asks for continued prayers as her family grieves and heals.

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