Fashion Blogger Shares Devastating News About Her Son

Fashion blogger Yavanna Keogh who runs Makeupmonster just took to social media the devastating news of her son’s recent diagnosis, first reported by Mirror. Yavanna and her partner from Dublin, not only learned that their 3-year-old son Oscar was diagnosed with brain cancer, but also were told tumor was inoperable making it terminal.

Oscar was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, DIPG. It’s a rare brain cancer that has no cure. Most children who are diagnosed with this disease die a year and a half post diagnosis. Only 1% survive. Due to the location of the tumor in Oscar’s brain, it is unfortunately inoperable. There are no known experimental treatments for him to try, so the only option is radiation, which may buy him time.

Performing radiation will shrink the tumor temporarily. It will bring side effects such as hair loss and abnormal tiredness. While this is a generally successful treatment, the tumor is still expected to grow back after about 6-months. The Keoghs only can hope for a time when the tumor is small, Oscar feels well and they can really live it up and cherish the time they have.

The experience has been absolutely devastating and shocking for the family. Yavanna and her partner rely on one another every day for support. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion, as they cope with unimaginable pain every day, and continually have to pick themselves back up. It’s an overwhelming time, but they are determined to do whatever they have to.

Going forward, the Keogh family started a GoFundMe page, called the “Fun Fund” to raise money and “spoil” little Oscar in every which way for however long he has. They want to take him on trips, ice cream adventures, shower him with toys, and bring him all the magic a boy could dream of.

Not only do they plan to use the money to bring as much joy to Oscar as they can, they are also donating money to cancer research, as well as charities in Ireland.

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