Learn a Little and Teach a Little: Cushing Awareness Day
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Learn a Little and Teach a Little: Cushing Awareness Day

Sunday, April 8th is Cushing Awareness Day!

Cushing syndrome (also known as hypercortisolism, not be confused with its sub-form Cushing disease) is an endocrine disorder characterized by excessive cortisol levels in the blood.

The hallmark signs of Cushing syndrome include a fatty hump between your shoulders, a rounded face, and pink or purple stretch marks on your skin.

Cushing syndrome is a very are condition; only two to three people per million are identified as having the disease each year. Some additional cases might go undiagnosed because the symptoms are mistakenly attributed to other conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or osteoporosis. Read more about Cushing here!

So here are some ways you can help spread the word about this rare disease:
Brochures and Flyers
Click here to download cards and flyers with information about Cushing to hand out to inquiring friends and colleagues; or just have it around you should anyone get curious. Knowledge is power, so having a handy little informational tool can be of great power to help impart a little wisdom!
Read Up on Cushing
For those who want to learn more about Cushing, books are available to supplement what knowledge you may already have (or not have!) about the condition.
Furthermore – summaries, transcripts, and presentations are available to view from the Cushing’s Support & Research Foundation’s Patient Education Day in 2014. Click here to access all these valuable resources!
Connect with Local Support Groups
There’s always strength in numbers! If you’re interested in joining a support group – or even starting one! – click here for a list of existing groups and information on how to start one in your community.
Following these steps or more will surely help educate more people about Cushing and rare diseases alike!