Editor’s Choice: So What’s the Deal with Kratom?

Happy 7-11 Day!

We hope everyone’s on their way to get their free slurpie today! For this week’s editor’s choice, we’re highlighting four articles. First, we discuss kratom, the controversial pain-relief alternative. Next, we have updates on a multiple myeloma treatment, CRISPR progress, and new insight into ankylosing spondylitis.
Sit back and enjoy the holiday and this week’s Editor’s Choice!


Herbal Supplement ‘Kratom’ Used as Pain-Relieving Alternative, Receives Further Research Funding



Some people swear by kratom, others are sketpical. We’re hoping this new research will shed some light on the supplement.


Multiple Myeloma Drug ‘Xpovio’ Passes With FDA Accelerated Approval




This treatment will need to go through more trials, but has just received good news from the FDA.


Plan Proposed to Use CRISPR to Edit Gene Carrying HIV by Russian Biologist




A researcher in Russia is taking strides to implement CRISPR in humans.


New Research Suggests “Nonsense” RNA Segment Might Play Important Role in Ankylosing Spondylitis


Just because it’s called “nonsense” RNA, doesn’t mean it’s not worth understanding!

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