12-Year-Old with Morquio Syndrome to Headline Christmas Concert

Gracie Mellalieu, a twelve-year-old girl from Wales, is excited to headline the Christmas concert at St. Asaph Cathedral. This accomplishment comes after Gracie gained attention for a thank you song she wrote for the nurses who cared for her at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Gracie has Morquio syndrome, which has left her in the hospital to receive cutting edge drug therapy. She’s excited to perform at this concert, as it is meant to raise money for the Talacre based center DangerPoint, which she loves to go to. This performance comes after one at Mold Carnival at Theater Clywd, Mold. The Christmas concert is on December 13, and everyone from Gracie to the organizers have spoken of their excitement.

About Morquio Syndrome

Morquio syndrome is a rare, genetic condition that occurs in one of every 200,000 births. It is a recessive disorder, meaning both parents must carry and pass down the gene in order for their child to have it. This gene affects the production of the enzymes that break down sugar chains, which build up in cells, blood, tendons, and ligaments. After enough build up the chains cause damage, with symptoms including scoliosis or kyphosis, knock knees, problems with heart and vision, enlarged liver, and shortened stature. These symptoms tend to appear in children aged one to three. After doctors notice these symptoms they conduct a thorough examination of medical and family history. There is also a physical examination, which can be followed by genetic testing, X-rays, MRI scans, lab tests, and echocardiograms. After a diagnosis, doctors will fit a treatment plan to a patient, depending on their symptoms. Monitoring is necessary for all patients and treatments can include certain medications and surgery to intervene with scoliosis, leg deformities, and kyphosis. There is currently no cure for Morquio syndrome.

Gracie’s Story

Gracie Mellalieu received attention after writing and performing a thank you song to her nurses at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Now she is headlining a Christmas concert at St Asaph Cathedral. She will perform with NEW Sinfonia and the Chester choir Dee-Sign. Gracie will celebrate her thirteenth birthday a few weeks before the event, and she is very excited to celebrate her entrance into her teenage years with a performance. Beyond the concert, she is a student at Argoed High School and loves to compose music. Singing is her passion, and she hopes to win Britain’s Got Talent at some point in her life. She draws inspiration from her favorite artists Katie Perry and Ariana Grande. While having to spend so much time in the hospital has provided some difficulties, her parents are determined to help her accomplish her dreams.

About the Christmas Concert

The concert will be performed on December 13, in St. Asaph, Wales. Tickets can be bought in advance through emailing bookings@dangerpoint.org.uk or through calling 01745 850414. Tickets can also be bought at the door, which open at 6:30 P.M. The show will begin at 7 P.M.

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