Editor’s Choice: New Discoveries and Positive Results

Happy Friday!

The world could always use more good news, and this week we’ve got some new discoveries to discuss. Up first, details on a trial that may have finally found a drug that can reduce the risk of death in severe COVID-19 cases. We also have information about positive results from a phase 1 trial for a therapy targeting the root cause of chronic urticarias, a disease that significantly impacts a patient’s quality of life. Finally, knowledge is always the best defense, and we’ve got a summary of a study that describes a new rare genetic disorder called TRAF7 syndrome. We hope you have a great weekend!


This Trial May Have Finally Found a Drug That can Reduce the Risk of Death in Severe COVID-19

The finding may herald a major breakthrough in the treatment of the disease; treatment with just a small dose of the medication was able to reduce the risk of death significantly.


Positive Results Announced for a Phase 1 Trial Targeting Root of Chronic Urticarias

This disease can result in decreased energy, insomnia, social withdrawal, and even depression.


Study Describes New Rare Disease: TRAF7 Syndrome

Some of the characteristics include distinctive facial features as well as skeletal abnormalities affecting the chest, fingers, and neck.


Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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