Stevia Product Recalled Due to Aspartame Danger for Phenylketonuria

The company Lidl GB has just announced a recall for Cologran Stevia tablets. These sweeteners contain aspartame, or E951. Although not harmful for most people, it is essential for this ingredient to be listed on labels. This is because consuming it is a risk for individuals living with phenylketonuria (PKU). Realizing that they did not adequately label their product, Lidl GB has announced that they are recalling the item.

The Product

The recall is specifically for the Cologran Stevia Sweetener Tablets in the pack size of 100. The code of the batch that was not adequately labeled is L 91424 C. The expiration date on this product was December 2022.

The Recall 

As a result of the recall, notices will be posted in all of the Lidl GB stores that had received this product. The notices will explain the reason for the recall, as well as any action they should take.

For those with PKU, the company has stated that the product should not be consumed. You can return the product to the same store you bought it from for a complete refund.

To clarify, a recalled product means that customers should return that product.  A “withdrawn” product means that a product should not be distributed and as a result, the product will be taken off of the shelves. Both of these types of notices are distributed to both local authorities and consumers. For some products, a Food Alert for Action is provided to authorities which specifically outlines steps that should be taken for consumer safety.
You can read the full recall here.

You can read more about the reason for this recall and why stevia could be harmful in PKU here.

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