Man With Cerebral Palsy Denied Services in West Hollywood

Like many other residents of West Hollywood, Mark Chaney uses public transportation, specifically the bus. Twice a day, Monday through Friday, Mark boards the bus at his local stop. He has encountered an issue, however, as he lives with cerebral palsy, and not everyone is always willing to accommodate his needs. At times, the drivers do not allow him to use the ramp, which he needs to board the bus.

About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that impacts movement due to brain damage that occurs before birth or within the first two years of life. It is characterized by a lack of muscle control and impairment with the coordination of movements. Other symptoms include involuntary movements, stiff muscles, seizures, issues with speaking, delays in motor skill milestones, issues with walking, problems with eating, vision and hearing problems, intellectual disability, urinary incontinence, and abnormal perceptions of pain and touch. While the exact cause is not known in every case, medical professionals know that brain injury in the early stages of life plays a large role. This injury can be caused by a number of things, with examples like infections and traumatic head injury. To treat this condition, doctors will often prescribe various drugs. Surgery may also be utilized in treatment.

Issues with Access

Mark uses the bus twice a day for the entirety of the work week, meaning he has to get on and off the bus often. Because he has cerebral palsy, he requires the ramp to do so. When a driver refuses to put the ramp out, they’re impeding his access to the bus.

When the issue was brought to Metro, there was immediate action. They launched an investigation to ensure that all patrons who need a ramp are being given one, as that is Metro policy.

There needs to be equal access for everybody, regardless of any condition or need that they may have. Rare disease patients should have the same access that others do.

You can read more about this story here.

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