‘Empowered Us’ Storytelling and Research Hub Launched by Nonprofit Good Days

According to a recent article, a storytelling and research hub has been launched by the nonprofit Good Days to create a platform for those in the chronic and rare disease community.

‘Empowered Us’

The “Empowered Us” hub is meant to be a place where patients with chronic or rare diseases, the families and friends of those with chronic or rare diseases, caregivers, and medical professionals can have access to various stories and resources. The hub is a place where people can discuss the challenges that come with a rare or chronic disease, while also sharing the opportunities and any possible solutions.

Storytelling is vital when it comes to chronic and rare diseases. It lets people know they are not the only ones dealing with an issue. In addition, with increasing costs of specialty medications and increasing rates of gender inequality it is more important than ever to listen and share with others who are going through the same ordeal. This sharing and guidance can increase patients’ confidence levels and ambition.

“Empowered Us” will connect medical professionals with patients and their caregivers in a meaningful way, as patients can address challenging scenarios with healthcare professionals on the hub. Furthermore, the platform will allow people to open up about sensitive health topics. Overall, the hub is designed to help people with rare and chronic diseases live a happier, informed, and well-supported life.


The hub has a number of informative and compelling podcasts that patients and their family and friends can listen to. These podcasts includes ones about building self-trust, defining personal growth, innovations in chronic illness communities, and diversity and disability in healthcare. The former host of the popular Invisible Not Broken and HumanCare podcasts is bringing her expertise to help the podcast section of “Empowered Us” thrive.

Click here to check out the “Empowered Us” hub.

Good Days

Good Days is a national non-profit charitable organization that lifts the burdens of chronic illness through assistance, advocacy, and awareness.

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