Editor’s Choice: A New Dystonia Center of Excellence, A Call for Sickle Cell Blood Donors, and a New Treatment Target for Glioblastoma

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This week, we have stories on Duke University being recognized as a dystonia Center of Excellence, the ongoing need for diverse blood donors for sickle cell disease, and a new potential therapeutic target for glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer.


source: pixabay.com

Duke Earns Recognition as Dystonia Center of Excellence

Duke University has been recognized as a Dystonia Center of Excellence from a nonprofit organization.



cervical cancer
source: pixabay.com

More Diverse Blood Donors are Needed to Support Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

Blood donors from diverse backgrounds are desperately needed to help support people living with sickle cell disease, a rare illness.



source: pixabay.com

Did Researchers Identify New Therapeutic Targets for Glioblastoma?

The latest research may have identified a new treatment target for glioblastoma, a deadly and rare brain cancer.



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