Do You Know IPF?

IPF or Idiomatic Pulmonary Fibrosis is a disease that causes scarring and stiffness in the lungs making it hard for the lungs to move oxygen into the bloodstream, the brain and other vital organs.

September is IPF Awareness Month. One of the campaigns is blowing soap bubbles. IPF World says, “Blowing soap bubbles is a joyful activity. When you are healthy, it takes less than a second to blow bubbles. If you are a patient with IPF, this simple activity can be very challenging. The Breath of Hope Campaign aims to raise awareness of IPF while reminding about the importance of lung fitness/health.

Blowing soap bubbles can be done alone or in a group/with your family/with your doctor/with your pet – one can blow big or small bubbles; one can blow them from a special location or while doing an activity.”

Take pictures, have fun and share it with the world using #IPF and #IPFWorld. Challenge others to join you and to be aware of IPF!

Kristen Lord

Kristen Lord

Kristen is a junior and soon to be senior at Christopher Newport University. She has an Associate’s Degree in graphic design, and is working toward her Bachelors in Fine Arts focusing in graphic design. Kristen has a passion for animals and art, and in her spare time likes to paint, or design on the computer as well as playing with her dog Mr. Pickles. Kristen is happy to be moving on to a new chapter of her life soon, getting married at the end of May 2016 and graduating in April 2017.

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