8 Things With VIII That Make You Wait (And One That Doesn’t)

And now for something completely different…

It gives me great pleasure to present my list of VIII (a.k.a. eight) things you have to wait for…and ONE very big one you don’t.

Drum roll please…

Or belly roll. Whichever you prefer! Source: www.giphy.com
Or belly roll. Whichever you prefer! Source: www.giphy.com

Star Wars Episode VIII:

I waited 32 years and the 2+ hour run-time of the last movie for the epic return of Luke Skywalker, and now I have to wait another year and a half to actually hear his dulcet tones?! Not cool, Disney. NOT. COOL.

I sense a disappointment in the Force. Source: www.giphy.com
I sense a disappointment in the Force. Source: www.giphy.com

Seasons VIII of The Vampire Diaries, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Modern Family:

A trio of shows about inhuman creatures that refuse to die.

No regrets. Source: www.giphy.com
No regrets. Source: www.giphy.com

Harry Potter Book VIII:

I know it’s an adaptation of the stage play, but I’m still holding out hope for “Harry Potter: Remedial Summer Magic School for Students Who Had to Drop Out and Run for Their Lives.”

Source: www.giphy.com
Seriously, you can’t get a good wizarding job without a degree. Source: www.giphy.com

The Backstreet Boys VIIIth Studio Album:

Don’t even try and convince me you threw away your posters…

IT'S GONNA BE MAY. Source: www.giphy.com
IT’S GONNA BE MAY. Source: www.giphy.com

The Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII: 

Due in 2018. You know, if you’re into crap like luxury cars.

Chumps. Source: www.giphy.com
Chumps. Source: www.giphy.com

Henry VIII’s Final Resting Place:

The infamous 16th century King of England had big, lavish plans for what to do with his mortal remains; almost 470 years after his death, he’s still hanging out in a crowded temporary vault in Windsor Castle. Who knew? (More to the point, who cares?)

I'm Henry the Eighth I am! Source: www.giphy.com
I’m Henry the Eighth, I am! Source: www.giphy.com

You’ll have to wait months, years, or an eternity for all of the above, but here’s something you can get right this second…

KOVALTRY, a new Factor VIII compound for treating hemophilia A:

Following the lead of their counterparts in the EU and Canada, the FDA approved this compound in March to treat hemophilia A in children and adults. Like many hemophilia treatments, KOVALTRY infusions replace the missing Factor VIII clotting factor. Adolescents and adults can infuse the treatment two to three times a week; children can take it every other day.

You know that old saying: Patience is its own reward? That’s true, but I think not having to wait anymore is a pretty good reward, too. Just ask Henry VIII.

Hello ladies. Source: www.pixabay.com
Hello, ladies. Source: www.pixabay.com

Ronald Ledsen

Ronald Ledsen

After emigrating from his native Sweden, Ronald spent a stint in the Merchant Marines while trying to work out what he wanted to do with his life. He discovered a love of writing while helping a friend write anonymous Harry Potter fan-fiction online; he discovered meaning to his writing when he began journaling after an anxiety disorder diagnosis. Ronald is most relaxed when spending quiet time with his wife, two sons, and hyperactive cat.

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