What Opportunities Has Acromegaly Created for You?

It’s easy to identify the times when a medical condition works against us. In the case of acromegaly, people may experience:

  • fatigue,
  • muscle weakness,
  • severe pain,
  • limited mobility,
  • impaired vision,
  • and enlarged features and organs.

But has there ever been a time when acromegaly has worked for you? And is the distinction always easy to identify?

Dalip Singh Rana was born in the tiny village of Dhiraina in India. He was one of seven siblings in a poor family. At a young age, he took a job on a road crew, breaking stones. Then, one day, some police officers from Punjab noticed him–it was hard not to given his stature.

They thought his intimidating presence would be a benefit on the force. So, they helped Dalip get a job as a policeman despite the fact that he had never received a formal education. The new opportunity allowed Dalip to earn more money, which he eventually used to leave India.

In Hayward, California Dalip started training at the All Pro Wrestling Academy. He began participating in small-time matches held in basements and empty gymnasiums.

After a while, he was recruited by World Championship Wrestling and made international appearances in Mexico and Japan. He gained more recognition when he appeared alongside Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in 2005’s remake of The Longest Yard.

That drew the attention of World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon. Soon Dalip Singh Rana was making a name for himself as The Great Khali. In 2007 he won the World Heavyweight Championship and today he owns Continental Wrestling Entertainment back in Punjab, India.

So…has acromegaly actually worked in Dalip’s favor?

Without it, would he have been able to rise above his meager beginnings? Or, has Dalip been stereotyped and actually had his opportunities limited because of his appearance? Were it not for acromegaly, would he have had other opportunities that didn’t involve inflicting serious damage to his body?

We’ll never know the answers, but the questions are worth considering nonetheless.

James Ernest Cassady

James Ernest Cassady

Though "Ernest" is a family name that's been passed down for generations, James truly earned his middle moniker when, at the age of five, he told his mother that "laughing is stupid unless EVERYBODY is happy." Since then, the serious little bastard has been on a mission to highlight the world's shortcomings (and hopefully correct them). In addition to his volunteer work at hospitals and animal shelters, James also enjoys documentaries and the work of William Faulkner. He is originally from Oklahoma.

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