Nolan’s Future Living with Dystonia

I want to see my kids grow up. I just want to see them a happy, that’s all.

I think that goes with just about any parent; they just wanna see their kids be happy for the rest of their lives, and I will forgo any treatment that they find for me if my kid has a wedding and I’ve got to be there. I will say “Sorry I’ve gotta go to my kids wedding,”… My only intent in life now is just to take care of my kids and they’re my reason for doing everything that I do; they’re my reason for being here. 

I decided that I wanted to do this because I realized that if something like this can just get in touch with one person out there, then maybe two, I think it could be a very empowering thing. It was for me when I started finding people on the internet who suffer from dystonia just like I do, and hearing the things that they have to go through on a daily basis just makes things a lot easier, so I’m hoping that sitting down with you guys will do the same.

Nolan’s Journey with Dystonia

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Nolan’s Future Living with Dystonia

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