When Nolan Took Control of Dystonia

When that moment happened, and again I don’t know when it happened, but when that moment in my head just clicked and I stopped being, or stopped putting myself in the position of the person who has dystonia I started becoming a person that is living with it and it was at that moment that almost the fears of the future stopped– I guess, everyone has fears, I have a fear of falling out of a plane, I have a fear of falling off of a building.

I don’t fear my disease, because I am taking control of it through my running through coming here and talking to you guys, it’s just who I’ve become. I wasn’t always this fearless when it came to unexpected occurrences in life, I still to this day don’t like change and when change happens I have to take a moment to actually think about it before I can actually respond to it but yeah I have to say, I can honestly say that I don’t really fear it because I am it.

Nolan’s Journey with Dystonia

Patiently Proud, a Marathon with Dystonia 

Meet Nolan

Finding the Right Doctors

Nolan’s Dystonia Symptoms

Nolan Discusses Dystonia Treatment

Dystonia and Nolan’s Family

When Nolan Took Control of Dystonia

Nolan’s Future Living with Dystonia

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