Editor’s Choice: Spoonie Love, Support Groups and Good News

Happy Weekend Before the Election Patient Worthians!

Get some rest, Tuesday is going to be a big one in the United States. But while you’re hanging out, check out these top stories of the week!

We have an awesome fundraiser and support group to get behind. We also have some sweet news for those suffering from behcet’s and some advice on what to do in a clueless CRPS situation.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!



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Share Some Spoonie Love

Calling all Patient Worthians! One of our fellow spoonies who has worked super hard for our community needs our help.

Read more about how you can help her here.

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A Daughter’s IPF Story: Join the Support Group

PW Contributor Lisa shares the tragic story of her father suffering from IPF. Yet, she has found the strength to give back to the community in a hugely meaningful way.

Get some info on her advocacy and support group work here!

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The Best News for Behcet’s Treatment in a Long Time

Woo wee, is it good to hear that people are actually working in the background to get us some better treatments?!

This promising study could mean big things for the behcet’s community!

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What to Do When Your Doctor Doesn’t Know CRPS

How many times have you been to an urgent care or hospital, and doctors are clueless about your underlying condition?

Well, check out why it’s important to raise awareness of your disease before your next visit!

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