A Joint Venture for New Treatment of Rare Pediatric Epilepsies!

Pharmaceutical companies Takeda and Ovid have agreed to work together to develop a new drug for rare pediatric epilepsies.

The continued development of Takeda’s compound TAK-935 will be shared by both companies on a global scale. Takeda had successful phase 1 clinical trials which Ovid is planning on following with phase Ib/IIa studies for people diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, LGS and TSC. Hopefully, eventually these studies will lead to new treatment for other similar syndromes as well.

There’s more good news for patients and their families on the horizon. Two other companies (GW and Insys) are in the process of developing cannibidiol treatments for Dravet Syndrome and LGS. These treatments are approaching submission to the FDA and Phase III trials respectively.

Whether the pharmaceutical companies are working in tandem or in competition with one another, their work means hope for patients around the world. Every day brings us closer to new research, new developments, and a more positive outlook for countless people living with these rare, difficult-to-treat and life threatening disorders.


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