The Strange Reason She was Born with Gastroschisis

Suzanne Burt’s daughter Sofia, was diagnosed with gastroschisis while in the womb.

Gastroschisis is a rare birth defect where the digestive organs are developed outside the stomach. Suzanne believes that her pineapple cravings during her pregnancy may have caused it.

While researchers are not sure what causes this condition, a chemical called atrazine has been shown to increase the chance of a person having gastroschisis. At one time, this chemical was used to grow pineapples that Suzanne may have consumed. She also worked on a farmland where pesticides are needed to grow pineapples.

Once learning that her baby had the condition, Suzanne had an emergency Caesarean section six weeks ahead of time. All of Sofia’s organs could not be put into her body when she was born so they were placed in a bag for a couple days to safeguard them. Then doctors were able to gradually return the organs to her body.

However, this little warrior princess was a fighter. After beating a case of sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, she was able to go home. Needless to say, after 5 moths in the hospital, everyone was glad to have her home.

Read more about this incredible story here.

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