Editor’s Choice: Events on Events on Events! Help Raise Sjogren’s Awareness and BOS Awareness

Happy Friday Patient Worthians!

April is Sjogren’s Awareness Month! There was also a whole day dedicated to Bohring-Opitz Syndrome. The MDS Foundation has another upcoming event as well.

Lastly, last month was Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month and in honor of that, we want to highlight the unique difficulties of having hemophilia as a woman.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!




April is Sjogren’s Awareness Month!

Among other rare diseases, Sjogren’s is one whose awareness month is happening now!

Find out how you can support the cause here.

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Don’t Forget to Wear Denim and Gold Tomorrow for Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Awareness Day!

Yesterday was BOS Awareness Day and we have some info on the activities surrounding it.

Read here to find out more.

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Upcoming Free MDS Forum

PW Partner the MDS Foundation is making a free forum available for patients and support persons.

Will you be attending?

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Challenges of Being a Girl with Hemophilia

Having a bleeding disorder is difficult regardless of gender.

But women have a few specific challenges unique to them. Click here to learn more.

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