Calling All with Sickle Cell in the Chattahoochee Region: Event to be held in Columbus, Ohio May 20th


The Association of Sickle Cell, Lower Chattahoochee Region (ASCLCR) is an organization dedicated to funding sickle cell research and aiding all those affected by the disease within the eight counties of the West Health District of Ohio.

If you live in Chattahoochee County, Clay County, Harris County, Muscogee County, Quitman County, Randolph County, Stewart County, or Talbot County, you could benefit from their services. They host a variety of activities each year promoting awareness of sickle cell, and act as a support group for all diagnosed with the disease.

ASCLCR has been around since 1995 and although they’ve accomplished quite a lot for the sickle cell community since that time, they want to make sure they’ve reached out to everyone in their area with the disease. With 1,000 individuals in the United States born with sickle cell each year, they understand there’s always more people who could benefit from their services.

On May 20th, 2017 they’re hosting a “Get Acquainted Orientation” for those who may not be familiar with their organization and the support they offer. This event is also meant help build community between those who have just recently been diagnosed with sickle cell and those well acquainted with the disease. It will be held at the Columbus Public Library, CB&T Room (side B) from 10:00am to 12:30pm.

For more details about the event, give ASCLCR a call at (706)566-6329 or read more here.

Additionally, they will be hosting a youth festival on World Sickle Cell Observance Day- June 17th in honor of members of ASCLCR who have passed away. From 2:00pm to 6:00pm come out to the Psalmond Rd. Recreational Center (6550 Psalmond Rd.) and enjoy food, games, and a balloon release!

ASCLCR hopes to see you at both of their upcoming events, and always welcomes volunteers who want to help fuel the magic!




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