Editor’s Choice: Soo Many Promising Results, Advancements and Treatment Options for the Rare Disease World!

TGIF Patient Worthians!

This week we have promising results on promising results. First up is news on a Dravet syndrome treatment. Second is a Lupus Nephritis drug in the works!

Third is positive news for the multiple myeloma community. And lastly, ulcerative colitis patients may want to rejoice due to the results of a most recent clinical trial!

So sit back and relax, and check out this week’s Editor’s Choice.



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CBD Shows Promising Results in Treating Dravet Syndrome

At this point, we’ve all probably seen videos of the good marijuana can do for epilepsy seizures.

What about cannabidiol, a topically applied oil? Read more about it’s effects on a severe form of epilepsy here.

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This New Drug Would Change Lupus Nephritis Treatment Forever

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is in phase 3 trials for a drug that has the potential to achieve remission for lupus nephritis patients!

Read more here.

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New Advancements in Stem Cell Transplantation!

BioLineRx Ltd. is initiation a Phase 3 trial for it’s new treatment for multiple myeloma.

Get the basics here.

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This Just In! Promising Results from Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trial!

While making a rare disease go away is ideal, maintaining health with a rare condition is also a plus.

Check out this ulcerative colitis maintenance treatment news here.

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