Severe Atopic Dermatitis May Be Less Rare Than We Realize

Contagion Live (Infectious Diseases Today) recently discussed a journal article on the prevalence of atopic dermatitis.

The simple summary? More research is needed to uncover just how common this condition is. BUT there’s evidence of more people out there with the condition than are currently recorded as having it.

It goes with saying: The world is huge. And there’s no international registry of every person and every diagnosis. Even if there was, many people go undiagnosed, secretly living with a disease they don’t even know the name for.

Although atopic dermatitis was originally considered a childhood disease, there’s been an increased documentation of older people with the condition. Not only that: The older the person is, the greater the chance atopic dermatitis will be moderate or severe instead of mild. But, again, the article discusses that we need more research in order to determine risk factors.

Atopic dermatitis is a burden, in terms of both quality of life and bank accounts. While some people spend their funds on the latest phone or newest car, these individuals are forced to pay large amounts just to maintain their health.

However, there is the potential for change. The increasing prevalence of atopic dermatitis should encourage more researchers to look into a cure. And hopefully that cure will not be as big of a financial strain. The more hands on board, the greater the chance of discovery, and the faster lives will improve.

So, while it’s unfortunate to think the prevalence is increasing, it could mean an increased focus on research.

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