Boy Looks to the Avenger’s Iron Man to Help Beat ROHHAD.

Scotland’s Aaron Hunter went on Twitter to challenge the one and only Iron Man. He asked him for help with raising funds and awareness for rapid-onset obesity (RO) with hypothalamic dysregulation (H), hypoventilation (H), and autonomic dysregulation (AD), or ROHHAD.

Aaron is living with the rare condition, which affects a person’s respiratory system and appetite. Aaron uses an oxygen tank to breathe and a wheelchair because of the condition.

Iron Man is Aaron’s favorite hero and his post to Robert Downey, Jr., the actor who has played Iron Man, has gone viral. Thousands on Twitter have retweeted Aaron’s ROHHAD post with #AaronNeedsIronman.

In the heart-warming video, Aaron tells Iron Man that he is really in need of his help. Additionally, he explains that he and some of his friends have the condition. In the video, he states that he does not want any of his friends to die because of it. There currently is no cure and he shares that it can be hard living with ROHHAD.

According to Aaron, ROHHAD is an evil disease and he needs help in order to defeat it.

Iron Man along with his costars are supposed to be filming a new Avengers movie in Scotland. Furthermore, Aaron hopes they will do the challenge and stop by to speak with him about ROHHAD.

Click here to watch the video in The Evening Times (For the People of Glasgow). Then share and retweet to support Aaron. You can read his blog here.

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