This Woman Is Getting Her Skin Out – and She’s Telling You to Do the Same

Psoriasis is often labelled as “disgusting” or “contagious,” causing people who are afflicted by this disease to feel embarrassed and hide their skin from the rest of the world.

But the worst part? Psoriasis is incurable, and the flare-ups come on strong and persistent. The disease feels largely uncontrollable most of the time.
So, not only does psoriatic disease come with its physical implications: the rash, the itch, the dandruff, but also mental implications, such as extreme self-consciousness and social withdrawal.

Holly Gillion was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis 13 years ago. Her psoriasis can be as severe as it gets, with the red, itchy scales covering up to 100% of her body at some points: scalp, hands, feet, genitals, you name it. People like Holly know firsthand that normal things that we used take for granted become so much more difficult with psoriasis, whether it’s shopping, swimming, dating, working out, etc.

But Holly was not going to let psoriasis confine and define her, so she made it her goal to share her experiences with others and start a larger conversation about psoriasis – to help others gain acceptance of her condition and feel more confident in her own skin. With this goal, Holly started the #GetYourSkinOut campaign two years ago to bring the condition into the public eye and “get down to the nitty gritty of what it really is and really involves.”

Holly describes her campaign best:

“This campaign defies sensationalized facts, redefines cultural consciousness and paves the way for a new empowered norm for those living with [psoriasis].”

#GetYourSkinOut thus works to treat the disease at a societal level, removing the stigma behind skin disease and changing the discussion about what psoriasis means.
Anyone can get involved with the campaign by using the hashtag #GetYourSkinOut and sharing personal stories and photographs of psoriasis, showing the rest of the psoriasis community and the world the realities and the beauty behind it.
Source: Giphy
Otherwise, if you want to see the pictures that Holly has captured or that others have shared through her platform, go to her Twitter feed or her Instagram page!

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