Angels Take Flight for Gastroschisis Families

Facebook can be a real time suck. Especially, when you’re looking for a distraction or for an old high school flame. However, if you’re looking for an informational, inspirational Facebook site about something more serious, say, a rare disease like gastroschisis, you need to visit Avery’s Angels.
Long before there was a 501(c)3 non-profit Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation, or social media feed, there was just Meghan Hall and Jared Rauen and their little boy, Avery. They were proud, doting parents to a sweet boy who was diagnosed with gastroschisis.

Information was hard to come by and medical treatments were expensive, the Rauens found themselves frustrated as their medical team searched for a cure. When friends and families heard about the struggles, a small army of purpose-driven angels kicked into high gear. The family found themselves blessed with meals, gas cards, prayers and blood drives as they fought to help Avery feel better.

Even though so many resources were made available, Avery passed away, leaving a large hole in Meghan and Jared’s life. Friends encouraged Meghan to share Avery’s story and to blog about what she’d learned. It wasn’t long until she had created a wonderful online destination for families struggling with or looking for more information about gastroschisis. She launched Avery’s Angels, the first nonprofit group and website dedicated to supporting gastro families across the world.

The Avery’s Angels Facebook site contains a wealth of information for newly diagnosed families and those who are struggling. You can find photos, videos, and buttons to post on your own websites to help build awareness. There are contests and fundraising events listed across the country.

And of course, there are postings from people just like you who are looking for help with medical equipment, answers to questions, or simply to connect with others who can provide support to gastro families.

If you would like more information, to help build awareness, or to support gastroschisis locally or worldwide, start at PW Partner, Avery’s Angels.

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