Inspiring Online: Woman Runs Gaucher Blog That’s So Much More!

One young lady is working to bring awareness to Gaucher disease through blogging. Not only does Lauren Edwards share inspirational posts and pictures, she also shares the personal stories of those living with Gaucher disease, types 1, 2, and 3.

Lauren has a story to tell too. She was getting ready to begin college as a volleyball athlete when a biopsy showed she had Gaucher type 1. In her bio, she talks about the feelings she experienced when she heard the news. She also discussed how she pushed through, and succeeded in college while managing her scheduled infusions, volleyball practice, and academics.

That inspired her to begin Gaucher Stories, and now she hopes the site will inspire others. Her message is that even if you live with a condition, you can still live your life. Lauren also gives credit to her healthcare team, family, and friends for their support.

According to her blog, she is now in graduate school and recently announced she is now on the virtual advisory board for an online community for those whose lives have been touched affected by rare disease, Rare2Aware. (Congrats, Lauren!)

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