Editor’s Choice: Marching, Running, and Making Strides towards Recovery

Welcome Back Patient Worthians!

This week, we have stories of brave patients and caregivers who run, march, and make innovative steps to reach recovery.

A young girl marches after her last chemo treatment, a mother completes a marathon to raise funds and awareness for her son’s peroxisomal disorder, and a physical therapist figures out how to use a tuner to treat his wife’s chronic pain. We also have a resource to help identify the under-diagnosed Marfan syndrome.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice.
Do You Know the Signs of Marfan Syndrome? 50% of People with this Potentially Fatal Disease Don’t.

The key to surviving Marfan syndrome is identifying it. So why do have of all cases go undiagnosed?

Learn about the symptoms of this quiet disorder here.

Brave Girl Marches After Final Round of Chemo

When a 12-year-old girl defeats osteosarcoma once and for all, she celebrates her victory with a poem and traditional guard of honor ceremony.

Read about her story here.

Single Mother Will Run Marathon For Peroxisomal Disorders

Caregiving for a son with a mysterious peroxisomal disorder as a single mom takes a lot of strength. This former university track star made her feat even more incredible when she ran a marathon to help find a cure.

Read about her experience here.

Would You Use a Vibrating Tuner to Treat Chronic Pain?

It may sounds a little wacky, but a physical therapist has found success using a tuner to treat his wife’s chronic pain.

Learn more about how this works here.

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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