Family Donates to Charity for every Christmas Card Sent to their Son Suffering from Mowat-Wilson Syndrome

Jay and Kathy Keller of Franklin, Idaho are getting creative this year with their donation efforts, reports WENY News. The Kellers are asking for people to write Christmas letters to their son who struggles with a rare condition, in hopes to brighten up their boy from people all over the world. For every single card they receive they will donate $1 to their local Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. With the money, both the department and the Keller’s will buy toys and goods to distribute to any child dealing with a stressful time due to a medical condition.
The Keller’s son Joshua is suffers from a rare condition called Mowat-Wilson syndrome, which results in a defective ZEB2 chromosome. This leaves Joshua physically disabled. This disease is also a broader name for what encompasses multiple other diseases such as scoliosis, Hirschsprung’s, microcephaly, and Sinoral Node dysfunction. All of the diseases are what Joshua lives with. He faces daily fatigue, seizures and some cognitive challenges. Yet, the Kellers say he’s a bright light in their lives providing them with love, humor and so much life.

While it is hard to see their child struggle, the Kellers see themselves as blessed and they truly enjoy every day. Now the time has come for them to pay it forward and help other children going through difficult times. The Kellers did this donation campaign last year as well and they received over 500 cards from people all over the world such as Japan, Australia, Sweden, United States and more. From these cards, they were able to donate $600 to the Franklin County Ambulance association, and they are looking to do the same, if not more, this year.

The Kellers shared there is nothing better than seeing your kid light up from the endless Christmas joy they received. Joshua not only loved looking at every card they came in the mail, he was overjoyed to go shopping for donations items and understood that they would go to other children in need. That was the most excited they’ve seen him in a while and Keller’s couldn’t be more proud to have such a wonderful, giving son.

Add to the joy and send a Christmas card to Joshua Keller:
P.O Box 122, Franklin, ID 83237

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