Get the Details on the Second Annual Patients as Partners EU Conference

Patient Worthy is proud to announce we are participating in Patients as Partners EU in London, UK on January 23rd.

Patients as Partners EU represents the only conference opportunity in Europe to learn firsthand, how to engage patients across the complete medicines development process. Together, we hope the experiences developed at the conference will improve efficiency across the field of clinical research.

The event will take place January 23-24, 2018 in London, England at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel.
Why should you attend?
1) The conference is uniquely powered to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders in the clinical development world.

Patients as Partners EU provides a full and carefully balanced knowledge base. It’s programming is developed with assistance from industry professionals, patient advocates, and those involved in government.

2) The conference seeks to provide active and relevant concepts.

Ideas are not just discussed, they are delivered and implemented. Each session at Patients as Partners EU showcases an idea, and then exhibits how the details and players behind the topic come together to produce a solution.

3) Patients as Partners EU is notably accredited by Patients Included.

One of the main goals of th is to assist patients in understanding the clinical process, but also to understand, empower, and hear the patient’s voice.

4) Patients as Partners EU will also include “Ask The Patient,” an opportunity to discuss the experiences of individuals who have been through clinical trials.

Patients representing this program will be marked by a badge and available to answer questions throughout the conference.

5) Attendees will leave the conference with their own toolbox of ideas to build up their patient involvement programs.

The conference includes a “tool-box” setup which will allows easier access to each section of the event and enables distribution of specially designed materials to assist in the learning process.

The conference also operates on a Patient Q&A Platform, and will be designed to put forth patient questions first. Patients as Partners EU aims to guarantee that patients are heard and their questions are answered.

Registration is open here. Use code PW15 for a 15% discount.  Additional information is available here.
Who: Patients as Partners & The Conference Forum
What: 2nd Annual Patients as Partners EU Conference
Where: Raddsion Blu Portman Hoetel, London, UK
When: January 23-24, 2018

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