Upcoming Events For CISCRP, a Non-Profit Providing Clinical Trial Research Education

CISCRP, The Center For Information & Study On Clinical Research Participation, is a unique and one-of-a-kind non-profit focused on clinical trial education. CISCRP is wants to bring the need for clinical trials to the forefront, with hopes to drive public participation leading to new developments of medications and treatments.

Gaining buzz for their mission, they recently partnered with Langland and Sanofi to create and promote an innovative public service announcement to give everyone a clear insight to the importance and need for clinical trials. Together, they created a pop-up pharmaceutical store that consisted of completely empty shelves. They wanted to convey that medication can’t be provided without clinical trials, and clinical trials can’t happen without the public. Every person that walked into the pop-up was then given a box in which they could write on it what disease/cancer they wanted medication for. It was an incredibly impactful way to educate, as well as bring the community together with hopes to advance the development of clinical trials. You can watch the video here.

CISCRP continues to educate by providing many opportunities to get connected through pop-ups, programs, services and events. One of their more consistent events is called AWARE for All, which is a free program to educate on the process of clinical trials so people can make well-informed decisions regarding participation. It will be an open forum for discussion between all types of individuals such as patients, caretakers, general public, medical professionals and researchers. This year they will be going to Washington, DC in April, Los Angeles, CA in May, Indianapolis, IN in September, Dublin, IE in October and lastly, Atlanta, GA in December. If you’d like to learn more about this event, please click here.
Additionally, CISCRP hosts a Medical Heroes Appreciation 5K run/walk in Boston, MA in June and Topeka, KS in September. This event will be in honor and celebration for all the study volunteers who have participated in clinical research. To learn more about the 5K, click here.

If you are wanting to register and/participate in any of the events, you can do so online, or email medheroevents@ciscrp.org!

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