Family Inspires Even After Loss Of Son To Brain Cancer

There aren’t many families like the Bradley’s– not just because they face the loss of their 10-year-old son who passed away recently due to brain cancer, but because of their heroic and positive response afterwards, reports Dayton Daily News.

In 2016, Kyler Bradley lost his life to an aggressive brain cancer called DIPG. While this was a devastating occurrence, the community that came together from his time on Earth was meant to be. Just this last week they came together once again at the Liberty Center in Cincinnati Children’s hospital for a presentation.
A movement was created after the passing of Kyler, and now so many are fighting to find answers for what took his life, including his own family. On Thursday his family presented the hospital with a huge check of $46,000 with hopes to dedicate more time to brain cancer research. In addition to this announcement, a special license plate was approved in honor of Kyler. It was an emotional but very moving day for the Bradley family and all those who attended.

Not only did the Bradley family donate that large sum on that day, but over the course of the last year they have donated a huge grand total of $106,000! This was with the help and support of family and friends donating a little money here and there, and soon enough it became a huge impact together.

The main doctor in charge of leading the DIPG department at Cinncinati, Dr. Maryam Fouladi, was filled with extreme emotion and nearly drew tears from the donation. She believes that one day they will be standing there talking about how they found a cure and how this moment in time contributed to that happening.

Dr. Fouladi and the community alike are still saddened by the loss of Kyler’s short life, but the lasting impact he has made on the world, especially the DIPG community is incredible and for that, he is a superhero. Something he’s always wanted to be.

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