Brave Teen Battling Third Occurrence of Cancer Receives Award by Fellow JROTC Members

According to stories from Wave3 News and WHAS 1, high schooler Jesse Schott of Bullitt County is in his third battle with brain cancer. At his local high school, Schott is known for his active involvement with the JROTC program, his unwavering positivity, and perseverance.

Schott was first diagnosed with brain cancer at only three years old. The most common type of brain cancer that affects children is called medulloblastoma. This form of cancer typically originates at the back and bottom of the brain, and is reputed for its ability to spread to other parts of the brain and spinal cord. Generally, survival rates are better for younger patients. Medulloblastomas are known to spread rapidly.

The effects of the cancer have left Jesse with problems with both his vision and hearing. Upon his original diagnosis, doctors believed that he would be killed by it. When he was three, the cancer originally responded well to treatment, but it returned again the following year. Ultimately, a stem cell transplant was able to fight off the brain cancer, but this was only after enduring thirty radiation treatments.

Twelve years later, the cancer is back. The most important aspect of Jesse’s life is his involvement with JROTC, which he regards as his most critical resource of support outside of his own family. Gene Siler, the JROTC instructor at his high school, immediately promoted him.

Siler says that Jesse’s handling of his cancer has been a source of inspiration and strength for the rest of the JROTC.

At the same time, Jesse has become more active in the program than ever before, and it helps him keep from worrying about the return of his brain cancer. For him and his family, the support of the program has been critical.
Just a few weeks ago, at his school’s annual drill meet where JROTC teams from three states are in attendance, Jesse was presented with the Courageous Cadet Award from North Bullitt’s JROTC.

He was honored in a few other ways as well, as the crowd supported him in his fight. Jesse’s bravery has clearly been impactful for this group, and we applaud their continued recognition and support of him, and his family’s, battle with cancer. Read more on how Jesse was honored here.

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