Virtual Reality Platform Utilized At Boston Children’s Hospital and Klick Health

A new medical educational platform called the HealthVoyager has been released and is now being utilized following a collaboration with the Boston Children’s Hospital and Klick Health, reports PR News Wire. The organizations have created 3D virtual reality technology to give patients a better understanding to their medical findings. The platform was created for GI children patients and is currently being used to educate patients in an engaging way.

With this technology, gastroenterologists will be able to construct 3D anatomical models and take patients on a virtual tour with just an iPhone, that will allow them to see their GI tract. It’s being utilized mainly for pediatrics as it provides the child with an interactive and engaging learning experience, giving them a real understanding to what’s going on inside their body.

Boston Children’s Hospital performs endoscopic procedures on thousands of patients each year, and out of the 1.6 million patients in America with some type of bowel disease, 80,000 are children.

Often, when gastroenterologists share their findings with the patient, they use print-out documents that are mainly text based. These materials are often inundated with medical terms that are difficult to understand to the ordinary person. Michael Docktor, a gastroenterologist for children, believes that HealthVoyager will be much more informative to his patients. He believes this will result in better communication when patients describe their symptoms, and will help them stick to the therapy.

With the wave of precision medicine sweeping the landscape, HealthVoyager takes a page out of their book, providing a personalized experience for the patient. Right now, the platform is being adjusted so that it can be accessed through a hospital’s electronic medical record, to maintain patient privacy.

With virtual reality on the rise, healthcare companies and hospitals are starting to implement the technology in a variety of ways. This exciting development may be only scratching the surface of the potential this new tech can bring.

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