Pregnant Mother Diagnosed With Cancer Raises Money For The Little Princess Trust

26-year-old Rebecca Smith’s pregnancy was going as smooth as can be until she was 8-months pregnant, reported Hertfordshire Mercury. Rebecca discovered a lump on her neck and went in for a biopsy which later revealed her Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis. She had two huge masses, sizing up to an apple, on both sides of her windpipe. While it was a difficult time for her and her family, doctors said the baby would not be affected.
Hodgkin Lymphoma is a rare cancer that affects one’s lymphatic system, which consists of glands and vessels in the body. This can cause problems for the immune system and can lead to symptoms of swelling in the neck, lymph nodes, groin or armpit. It usually is found in people in their younger 20s or adults 70 and older. Diagnoses are more likely occur in women as opposed to men.

Rebecca, also known as Boo, was put on steroids to reduces the large masses and hopefully make her delivery safer, yet the treatment unfortunately was unsuccessful. Boo was then admitted for inducement at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Her daughter was due for January 16th, but Boo was induced January 1st. She was delivered by c-section on the 4th of January.

After the birth of her daughter Betsy, Boo learned that she had stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma and would need to start chemotherapy the 1st of February. Instead of waiting for the treatment to have an effect on her hair, she decided to cut if off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. Additionally, she raised nearly 10,000 euros to donate to the charity.
While Boo admits life has been difficult, she remains positive through it all and recognizes that things could always be worse. She thanks all the people who have supported her along the way: family, friends and even strangers.

If you’d like to donate and help support Boo and Betsy’s journey, please click here.

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