Bleeding Disorders Need Our Attention!
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Bleeding Disorders Need Our Attention!

As we close out the month of March – it’s important to give a little thought to some of the lesser-known rare diseases that are often overlooked.
Bleeding disorders is a whole category of diseases that deserve our attention!

Bleeding disorders include diseases like hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, factor deficiencies, and more. All of these conditions prevent the blood from clotting the way that it should, which can lead to prolonged bleeding. They can even be deadly if not treated correctly.

So what are things we can do to raise awareness?
The National Hemophilia Foundation created the Red Tie Challenge to have a visual representation of blood disorders. The red tie is a symbol of the blood that TIES over 3 million Americans together. It’s a great conversation starter (“Hey nice tie!”) and a great opportunity to show solidarity for those who suffer from a blood disorder.
The Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) also provides Facebook banners to help raise awareness. Click here to check them out to help spread the word among your social media community about bleeding disorders!
Furthermore, the HFA hosts its annual symposium; a community-centered educational event that draws several members of the bleeding disorders community together to share information, learn new developments in treatment and research, and ultimately helps build a network of support!
This year, the symposium is in Cleveland, Ohio and the theme is Together We Rock! Click here to read the agenda!
So let’s get moving in creating awareness for bleeding disorders! Knowledge is power – awareness equals attention, attention equals resources, resources equals more hope for treatment options and ultimately cures!