Young Boy with Rare Disease Gets a Hand from Iron Man
Source: Pixabay

Young Boy with Rare Disease Gets a Hand from Iron Man

One of the greatest gifts of being a kid is imagination.

When you’re a kid, anything is possible and even the hardest times can turn into something so much better with the help of a little creativity.

Take 8-year-old Aaron Hunter from the UK, who suffers from the rare disease, ROHHAD, or Rapid-onset Obesity with Hypothalamic dysfunction, Hypoventilation, and Autonomic Dysregulation, which is a rare disorder affecting the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system.
Aaron requires an oxygen ventilator to breathe– but to him, it’s his superhero mask, because it makes him feel like his idol, Iron Man.
Well, not all superheroes wear capes (or masks)– because Robert Downey Jr., who portrays Iron Man in Disney/Marvel’s Avengers series, met with Aaron, making his dream come true!
And Robert Downey Jr. didn’t stop there; in honor of Aaron and those with ROHHAD, Downey Jr. challenged his Instagram followers to film themselves “jumping in the biggest, muddiest puddle possible for 33 seconds” and then challenge three other people to do the same to raise money, similar to the ALS challenge and others.
One of Aaron’s favorites actives to do was getting all muddy in puddles – but he’s no longer  able to do it because it’s become painful and unsafe for him. But Mr. Iron man now is helping spread a message of home for Aaron and others like him.
Downey Jr.’s Instagram post has been viewed over 5 million times!

ROHHAD is extremely rare– affecting approximately 100 children worldwide — so when one of the biggest stars in the planet advocates directly for the condition, it’s a big deal.

So, let’s follow Iron Man’s footsteps and get muddy! #GOMADJUMPFORROHHAD