Gastroschisis Awareness Day: What You Need to Know and How to Help!
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Gastroschisis Awareness Day: What You Need to Know and How to Help!

July 30th is Gastroschisis Awareness Day!

Gastroschisis is a rare birth defect of the abdominal wall.  With this condition, the baby’s intestines stick outside of the body through a hole in the abdomen next to the belly button.

Gastroschisis occurs early during pregnancy and the hole can be small or large.  At times other organs such as the liver and stomach can also be involved. The exposed intestines ad organs can become irritated, swollen, twisted and shortened.

Although prognosis is good for most infants (provided they have access to medical care) – complications do arise. Studies show that gastroschisis is the leading cause of intestinal transplantation and that 40% of gastroschisis survivors will need to be readmitted to the hospital at some point due to complications; the most common of which are bowel obstruction and abdominal pain.

To read more about gastroschisis, including symptoms and treatments, click here!

Team Up with Avery’s Angels For Gastroschisis Awareness Day!

Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation is the only nonprofit in the US that is dedicated to helping families affected by gastroschisis. Meghan Hall Rauen and Jared Rauen found out that their little boy Avery would be born with gastroschisis and sadly passed away unexpectedly from unforeseen complications.

To learn about how Avery’s Angels was founded, click HERE.

So if you’re feeling inspired, here are some ways to help continue Avery and his family’s mission.


Do you need someone to talk to? Whether you are a survivor of gastroschisis or a parent of a gastroschisis child, Avery’s Angels can connect you with its Volunteer Supporters.

Click here to register and get more information!


Hub Leaders are responsible for organizing local support for families and those affected by gastroschisis, including fundraising, promoting community awareness, appealing to local government, and organizing awareness day events!

Click here to find a leader in your area and connect with them!


Avery’s Angels runs on the kindness and dedication of its volunteers. So please click here and learn about all the ways you can get involved, to help make a difference.

How are you supporting Gastroschisis Awareness Day? Share your stories, thoughts, and hopes with the Patient Worthy community!